Welcome to the heart of the Worldheart Epic universe!


The Worldheart Epic: Season One – Seventh Imperium

Kehla and her best friend, An-nibel, have grown up poor, hungry, and ignorant of the world outside their tiny village. Now it’s up to them to save their home and friends from not just one, but two – count ’em – TWO evil emperors! Can they find the fabled Seventh Imperium before it’s too late?

Tales of Worldheart: Lone Island

Agent Noddak of the FRM is assigned to contact a woman on Lone Island, but his foul temper gets in the way. Will he find Vetta before it’s too late?

Tales of Worldheart: Vetta

Vetta and her friend, Seltie, flee Lone Island with Vetta’s newborn baby, pursued by agent Noddak of the FRM. Can they make it to Feyar City before Noddak apprehends them? This is the sequel to Lone Island by Liam Kincaid.